Thursday, March 10, 2011

In Our Truest Form

In Our Truest Form
By: Dylan DeCrausaz

Have you ever sat and thought about existence as a whole? Existentialism is a very interesting concept. God started EVERYTHING…Heaven, our Galaxy and a billion others, humans, life itself…all for what? Really to glorify himself, as He so deserves as our creator and heavenly Father. And it all takes place in a humongous thing called the Universe. What IS the Universe? Is there anything beyond it? Or is that simply incomprehensible to anything other than a perfect being?

We’re getting ahead of ourselves slightly…What exactly is LIFE?! It’s something we don’t have to think about, or try to do. We just do it; we live. It’s the ability to experience consciousness, which we can’t do when we’re dead. Have you ever thought about before you were born? You didn’t comprehend anything, you weren’t waiting billions of years to be born, it was neither light nor dark; you simply didn’t exist. What an outrageously difficult thought to comprehend!

Now try this on for size: your whole existence as a person, the fiber and essence of who you are, is the opposite of who you’re supposed to be. Who you are now is a product of a selfish and grave mistake made long, long ago…You can’t help it, but you’re defective. You’ve been cursed with a disease ever since the moment you breathed your first breath. You’ve never experienced your full potential as God intended. You’ve been an imperfect sinner destined for death ever since you awakened from non-existence…

The cure is simple, no shot, no medication, no surgery of any kind; it’s simply a relationship with and dedication to Jesus Christ. What a thought: one day, having accepted Christ as your savior and followed him, you will see what it is like to TRULY live. Sometimes it can seem as if this is all there is to life; we focus so much on the moment and stress of life that we forget there’s such a larger picture. I’m not saying life isn’t good now, I happen to love the life I have. But imagine what life would be like if we weren’t broken as we are now! How much potential we have…

A lot of people think of a relationship with God as a burden. God is so greatly associated with mainstream religion and the oppressive legalism that comes with it. People are turned off to the idea that they have to work to earn salvation; they have to be something they’re incapable of being to earn God’s love. This could not be further from the truth. God didn’t intend for us to view Him as an obligation. He simply wants an eternal communion with us, which was His intention from the start. He isn’t far from or foreign to us, but many of us choose to see it that way. Why?

The answer is sad but oh so true: we are who we are, and who we are is foreign to God. The DNA coursing through our very veins is intertwined with sin. Our nature is to do things our way, to turn from God and pursue the broken life we live now. But try to imagine please, the unimaginable: God’s undying love for every one of us. That love is the essence of who God is, pure love. It’s a biased suggestion, I know, but wouldn’t you rather choose God? To live life in your truest form?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I am a dreamer.

I had a crazy dream last night! It is about time for me to sleep again, so I am going to post this in a very rough form. So, without further ado, here is my dream in all of it's craziness:

My dream began with my Mom dying from cancer. Two days after her funeral I found a note in the book I was reading (which happened to be Frankenstein). It was in my Mom's hand writing, and it said that life was still worth living. I was a little freaked out, because we had just buried my Mom. In my dream I showed the note to my friends Zach, and Kendra. They both encouraged me, and said my Mom was right, and that God wanted to teach me something through this hardship. I tried to set my mind on living life to the fullest, but I was failing. Depression was overwhelming me. Then I found a note taped to my mirror (in my Mom's hand writing) that said I could be a blessing to those around me, if I learned to live selflessly. I was shocked. I lived (even in my dream) in Utah, and my family (and anyone I could picture having my Mom's notes and putting them around my house) lived in California. (I cried a lot in this dream) I talked to my Dad about it. He seemed confused. After I got off work I was driving home when the DJ on the radio said he had a note for a very special person. He said that Amy's Mom wanted her to know she loves her, and the most important thing is to live for Jesus, and keep moving forward so we can bring others to Jesus. I nearly crashed my car. (You will remember that this was all a dream.) I didn't talk to anyone all evening, and went to bed early. That night I had a dream (in my dream?) about my Mom. She was trying to speak to me, but I couldn't understand the language she was using. There were two other people there too. Shining people. They looked like they understood what my Mom was trying to say. I woke up feeling very light. I was the happiest I had been since my Mom passed away. I made a mental note to try to apply these messages my Mom seemed to be sending me to my life that day. Some time passed, and things seemed to be alright. That is when the dream became less specific and vivid. And this "brief" description is getting crazy long.

Because the last part was significantly less clear, I am not going to elaborate. I discovered that the two people in my dream with my Mom were angels. They were helping her encourage me by getting me her messages (translating what she was trying to say). I started envolving myself in many different ministries, and learned what it means to live like you are dying. Which is what my Mom's last message was to me. I turned on the music in my car, and the song "Live Like You Were Dying", by Tim McGraw was playing, then when I got to my work I pulled out my iPod and plugged in the head phones. Immediately, the same song began to play. I walked into the store that I work at, and the music, which is usually pop songs, was the same song! It seemed very odd. As I stuffed my bag and coat into my locker a note fell out of my coat pocket. It said "Live like you were dying, Amy." It was written in my Mom's hand writing on the back of some lyrics I had printed out for a song called "When You Come Home", by Mark Schultz. That is when I woke up.

And there you go. I had a dream that taught me a lesson. You can listen to "Live Like You Were Dying" here, and read the lyrics of "When You Come Home" here.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I am awesome!

My good friends Kendra Bailey, Rachael Howard, and I have started a video blog on We are having a lot of fun. We call our channel PSYoureAwesome.
Sad that they weren't originally included in our channel, my brother Josiah, and our friend Zach Trimmer started their own channel PSYoureLame. It is pretty neat, you should check it out too!
This is a short post, but I wanted to tell you about this project because I am excited about it! :)

P.S. You're awesome!

Monday, January 24, 2011

I am posting another blog.

I realize that I haven't written a blog in awhile, and, while I would like to be able to tell you that it is due to the fact that I have been overwhelmingly busy with important things, I just can't. The truth is that I haven't been able to think of anything that seemed worthy of it's own blog entry. There have been a few things that, when compiled, make up a somewhat interesting post. Here are those things:

1. I left my phone in a restroom while I was at Disneyland at the beginning of this month. I was super upset, but maintained my faith in the Disneyland Lost & Found people. I once lost my backpack at Disneyland and they sent it to me 3 days later! My phone didn't arrive in 3 days, but they did send it to me about 2 weeks later! I was overjoyed to have it back. I had over 200 text messages waiting for me. :) Thank you Disneylnd L&L people! I love you!

2. I started attending a Bible study in downtown Salt Lake. It has been really good for me. The regular meetings have helped me to regulate my own personal Bible studies. I have also had fun hanging out with some of the people I met at the Bible study during the week.

3. Speaking of hanging out with peeps. I went with some of the sweetest people, Robyn, Joel, and Krista, to a restaurant called Moochies. It was delicious! I had my first Philly Cheesesteak. It made me want to go to Philly. haha

4. I have continued working at Charlotte Russe, and I really enjoy it. Sales isn't as bad as people told me it would be. Some times I feel a bit like a car salesman, trying to push something on someone that they don't really need/want, but most of the time I just have fun helping people.

5. The weather has greatly improved. Today it was actually "warm" (47 degrees) and sunny! It made me feel like I was in California again... almost. :)

There it is. Some of the things I have been thinking about, but couldn't make into a full blog.