Monday, January 24, 2011

I am posting another blog.

I realize that I haven't written a blog in awhile, and, while I would like to be able to tell you that it is due to the fact that I have been overwhelmingly busy with important things, I just can't. The truth is that I haven't been able to think of anything that seemed worthy of it's own blog entry. There have been a few things that, when compiled, make up a somewhat interesting post. Here are those things:

1. I left my phone in a restroom while I was at Disneyland at the beginning of this month. I was super upset, but maintained my faith in the Disneyland Lost & Found people. I once lost my backpack at Disneyland and they sent it to me 3 days later! My phone didn't arrive in 3 days, but they did send it to me about 2 weeks later! I was overjoyed to have it back. I had over 200 text messages waiting for me. :) Thank you Disneylnd L&L people! I love you!

2. I started attending a Bible study in downtown Salt Lake. It has been really good for me. The regular meetings have helped me to regulate my own personal Bible studies. I have also had fun hanging out with some of the people I met at the Bible study during the week.

3. Speaking of hanging out with peeps. I went with some of the sweetest people, Robyn, Joel, and Krista, to a restaurant called Moochies. It was delicious! I had my first Philly Cheesesteak. It made me want to go to Philly. haha

4. I have continued working at Charlotte Russe, and I really enjoy it. Sales isn't as bad as people told me it would be. Some times I feel a bit like a car salesman, trying to push something on someone that they don't really need/want, but most of the time I just have fun helping people.

5. The weather has greatly improved. Today it was actually "warm" (47 degrees) and sunny! It made me feel like I was in California again... almost. :)

There it is. Some of the things I have been thinking about, but couldn't make into a full blog.

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  1. I really like the background to your blog page (is that what its called??) and its good to "hear" from you again! I love you!