Friday, November 26, 2010

I am a Black Friday survivor.

Instead of going to sleep like I wanted to Thanksgiving night, I went in to work. It was a bit insane. I worked from 11:30pm Thursday night to 5am Friday morning. I was stationed at the front of the store to encourage people to keep the line from forming across the door-way, and to monitor the distribution of Red Bull our store decided to give away. When the doors to the mall were opened at midnight chaos ensued. People of all ages were running down the halls, screaming and laughing. I was rather scared for my life. As soon as people discovered that we were giving away Red Bull they came storming into our store in huge waves. Luckily, I was able to position myself behind the pyramid we had formed with the cases, and was able to keep from being trampled. Once all the Red Bull was gone I was assigned to the fitting rooms, and I spent the rest of the night running around like a headless chicken putting things away, and helping people find things.

Once my shift was over, I drove home, exhausted, and slept for 10 hours. As soon as I woke up I took a shower and began preparing myself for another 5 hour Black Friday shift from 5pm-10pm. While this later shift was slightly less hectic, I am still thoroughly worn out. Everything hurts. My neck, back, legs, and, most severely, my feet. The best part? I get to work again tomorrow from 1pm-5pm...! Woo hoo! :)

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